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Leica FlexLine TS06plus specifications

Measurement – Angle
Method Absolute, diametrical, continuous
Resolution Display 0.1″
Compensation Quadruple Axis
Accuracy – Compensator Setting 0.5″ / 0.5″ / 1″ / 1.5″ / 2″
Distance Measurement using Reflector
Range – Round prism 3500 metres
Range – Reflective tape > 500 metres
> 1000 metres
Range – Prism-Long > 10000 metres
Measurement Time (typical) 1second
Distance Measurement no using Reflector
Range – PinPoint R500 / R1000 > 500metres / > 1000metres
Accuracy 2mm + 2ppm
Laser dot size At 30metres, approximatley 7 x 10millimetres
Data Communication / Storage
Built in memory 100000 fixpoints,
60000 measurements
Interfaces USB Type A & mini B
Guide Light
Range Working 5metres to 150metres
Accuracy Positioning 5centimetres at 100metres
Magnification 30x
Resolving power 3″
Field of View 1° 30″
2.7metres at 100metres
Focusing range 1.7metres to infinity
Reticle Illuminated display and 10 levels of brightness
Keyboard & Display
Display and Keyboard Full Alpha numeric with colour and touch screen, Q-VGA, graphics, 5 brightness levels and display illumination,
Type Laser point 5 levels of brightness
Centering accuracy 1.5 mm at 1.5metres
Type Lithium-Ion
Operating time Approximatley 30hrs
Total station 5.1 kg
Operating Temperatue –20° C to +50° C
Arctic Type – 35°C to 50°C
Water / Dust IP55 Rating


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